2020-12-07 John Benediktssonimages.processing.rotation: moving to extra/ main origin/main origin/master
2020-12-07 John Benediktssonimages.jpeg: moving to extra/
2020-12-07 John BenediktssonL-system: present in extra/
2018-03-22 John Benediktssonflatland: moving back to unmaintained.
2018-01-23 John Benediktssonopengl-gadgets: moving to opengl.gadgets to match IN...
2018-01-22 John Benediktssoncont-responder: move to furnace.callbacks to match...
2018-01-22 John Benediktssonirc-ui: move to irc.ui to match IN: declarations.
2018-01-22 John Benediktssontabs: moved to ui.gadgets.tabs to match IN: declarations.
2018-01-22 John Benediktssonheaders: moving to io.sockets.headers to match IN:...
2018-01-22 John Benediktssonphysics: moving to math.physics to match IN: declarations.
2018-01-22 John Benediktssoncartesian: move to it's proper ui.gadgets.cartesian...
2018-01-22 John BenediktssonMerge pull request #1 from AlexIljin/master
2018-01-22 Alexander Iljindragdrop-listener: resurrected 1/head
2018-01-22 Alexander Iljinboolean-expr: resurrected
2018-01-22 John Benediktssonbubble-chamber: resurrected.
2018-01-22 John Benediktssonframe-buffer: resurrected.
2018-01-19 John Benediktssonarm: move to cpu.arm.
2017-12-09 Doug Colemanforestdb: not a maintained db
2017-06-04 Doug ColemanREADME: Update the readme to hopefully clarify that...
2017-06-04 Doug Colemanunmaintained: New home for misfit Factor vocabularies.
2017-06-04 Doug ColemanInitial commit