anagrams: removing unix platform restriction
[factor.git] / .github /
2023-10-17 John BenediktssonRevert ".github: tweak windows help step"
2023-10-17 John BenediktssonRevert ".github: tweak again"
2023-10-17 John Benediktsson.github: tweak again
2023-10-16 John Benediktsson.github: tweak windows help step
2023-09-03 John BenediktssonRevert ".github: disable windows for now"
2023-09-02 John Benediktsson.github: disable windows for now
2023-08-31 John Benediktsson.github: help-lint-all on test_branch
2023-08-31 John Benediktsson.github: help-lint-all
2023-08-24 nomennescioSwitch to newer version v3 of Github actions/checkout...
2023-08-24 nomennescioTriggering actor already shown by Github
2023-08-24 nomennescioFix syntax
2023-08-24 nomennescioUpdate Workflow to checkout@v3. Show branch target...
2023-08-24 nomennescioManual trigger to test branches on Github
2023-08-22 nomennescioMerge branch 'factor:master' into feature-vm-prepare...
2022-10-03 Ashish Kurmici: add minimum GitHub token permissions for workflow
2022-08-03 John Benediktssongithub: temporarily disable help-lint checks on windows...
2022-08-01 John Benediktsson.github: try and use Developer Command Prompt.
2022-08-01 John BenediktssonRevert "github: disable windows for now."
2022-01-12 John Benediktsson.github: rename to build.yml
2021-12-17 John Benediktssongithub: disable windows for now.
2021-12-16 John Benediktssongithub: change direction a bit -- load-all, test-core...
2021-12-16 John Benediktssongithub: fix using.
2021-12-16 John Benediktssongithub: whooops
2021-12-16 John Benediktssongithub: fix postgres syntax.
2021-12-16 John Benediktssongithub: hopefully testing postgres.
2021-12-15 John Benediktssongithub: patch udis86 for python3?
2021-12-15 John Benediktssongithub: add more linux dependencies.
2021-12-15 John Benediktssongithub: try and test basis to see what fails on github.
2021-12-15 John Benediktssongithub: fix on windows.
2021-12-15 John Benediktssongithub: adding build-windows.
2021-12-15 John Benediktssongithub: test and help-lint.
2021-12-02 Doug Colemanworkflows: Test on macOS too
2021-12-01 Doug Colemanworkflows: fix yaml syntax error
2021-12-01 Doug ColemanBuild and test core