units.si: add four new si units
[factor.git] / basis /
2022-11-06 Raghu Radd bzip3 compression vocabulary
2022-10-31 John Benediktssonmath.matrices: fix using in docs
2022-10-31 John Benediktssonhelp.syntax: leave $url alone for now
2022-10-31 John Benediktssonhelp.syntax: treat $url differently
2022-10-31 John Benediktssonhelp.syntax: only allow help.markup $words
2022-10-20 Alex Maestasupdate docs, add another test
2022-10-20 Alex MaestasAdd more control-pictures
2022-10-03 John Benediktssonregexp: fix \B docs
2022-09-29 Giftpflanzemath.matrices: Fix matrix-set-nths typo
2022-09-29 Alex Maestasdeanonymize this
2022-09-29 Alex MaestasPromote this to basis
2022-09-25 John Benediktssonhelp.html: only input.focus().
2022-09-25 John Benediktssonhelp.html: whoops, typo
2022-09-25 John Benediktssonhelp.html: add null check
2022-09-25 John Benediktssonhelp.html: prevent firefox quick find using '/' key
2022-09-25 John Benediktssonhelp.html: implement "/" for making search box active.
2022-09-20 Alexander Ilingrouping-docs: remove a duplicate link
2022-09-18 John Benediktssonbasis/extra: builder fixes for recent cleanups
2022-09-17 Doug Colemanalien.syntax: clarify that we can dispatch off ENUM...
2022-09-17 Doug Colemanalien.c-types: not necessary to import `short` differen...
2022-09-17 Doug Colemanalien: fix docs for FUNCTION: not using a ; anymore
2022-09-17 Doug Colemanvocabs.refresh: add a note about refesh-all after a...
2022-09-16 Doug Colemanstage1: i pushed to wrong branch
2022-09-16 Doug Colemanarm64: 9999 BRK works again
2022-09-16 John Benediktssonmultiline: adding (( )) comments.
2022-09-14 John Benediktssonunicode: update to 15.0.0
2022-09-14 John Benediktssoneditors.aquamacs: use find-native-bundle.
2022-09-11 Doug Colemanbasis: use lint.vocabs tool to trim using lists
2022-09-08 Dave CarltonAdded aquamacs editor
2022-09-08 John Benediktssonui.gadgets.editors: tweak caret-style and fix docs
2022-09-08 Dave CarltonUse symbols for shapes
2022-09-08 Dave CarltonBlock caret code
2022-09-06 Doug Colemanfactor: trim some using lists
2022-08-27 John Benediktssonformatting: fix strftime %U and %W
2022-08-26 John Benediktssonhelp.html: specify tabindex
2022-08-26 John Benediktssonhelp.html: making search box have first tab index
2022-08-24 John Benediktssonlibc: adding memmove
2022-08-24 Alex MaestasPut brackets around ipv6 addresses in `inet6 present`
2022-08-23 GiftpflanzeHarmonize spelling
2022-08-21 John Benediktssonwebapps: better style
2022-08-18 Doug Colemanmath.statistics: fix typo
2022-08-18 Ikko Ashiminefix typo in heaps-docs.factor
2022-08-17 Doug Colemancore: subseq-index? -> subseq-of?
2022-08-15 Doug Colemanfactor: add newlines to .factor files
2022-08-13 Doug Colemanmodels.search: Fix regression.
2022-08-12 Alex MaestasAdd Wombat theme, put it and Base16 theme in OS X menu
2022-08-12 John Benediktssonxmode.marker: adding a better matching paren finder
2022-08-12 John Benediktssonxmode.marker: ignore non-capturing groups
2022-08-10 John Benediktssonui.theme.switching.tools: switch breakpoint symbol
2022-08-10 Alex Maestasuse `check-instance` instead; reformat USING:`
2022-08-10 Alex MaestasInfer non-callables as though they're self-evaluating
2022-08-10 John Benediktssonxmode.marker: more correct faster update-match-group clean-windows-x86-64
2022-08-10 John BenediktssonRevert "xmode.marker: faster update-match-group"
2022-08-10 John Benediktssonregexp: don't use execute so the generated code is...
2022-08-09 John Benediktssonxmode.rules: removing test no longer needed
2022-08-09 John Benediktssonxmode.marker: faster update-match-group
2022-08-09 John Benediktssonxmode: fix handling of HASH_CHAR and always rules
2022-08-09 John Benediktssonregexp: fix case-insensitive lookahead and lookbehind.
2022-08-09 John Benediktssonxmode.marker: caching match group regexps for performance
2022-08-09 Raghu Radd mention of run-file to scripting cookbook
2022-08-09 Doug Colemantools.scaffold: Support unit tests with more than one...
2022-08-08 John Benediktssontools.scaffold: don't use sequences.extras.
2022-08-08 Doug Colemantools.scaffold: Add a word to scaffold tests.
2022-08-07 Doug Colemanmath.statistics: refactor histogram and histogram-by...
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonxmode.marker: cache fixup regexp
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonhelp.html: more padding
2022-08-07 John Benediktssoneditors.espresso: adding espresso editor integration
2022-08-07 John Benediktssoneditors.kate: adding Kate editor integration
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonhelp.html: improve nav
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonhelp.html: docs are 800px wide
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonhelp.html: cleanup nav
2022-08-06 John Benediktssoneditors.cudatext: cleanup using
2022-08-06 Doug Colemaneditors.visual-studio-code: Add instance of vscode...
2022-08-06 John Benediktssonhttp: don't add "modern" headers by default
2022-08-06 John Benediktssonhtml.templates: reverse order of style and scripts
2022-08-06 John Benediktssonhttp: adding img-src 'self' data:;
2022-08-05 John Benediktssonhelp.html: softer search box.
2022-08-05 John Benediktssonhelp.html: using standard tags, adding theme-color
2022-08-05 John Benediktssoneditors: adding summary.txt
2022-08-05 John Benediktssoneditors: adding EDITOR: syntax and use classes instead...
2022-08-05 John Benediktssonxmode: update for recent jEdit mode changes
2022-08-05 John Benediktssonxmode.modes: adding dockerfile xmode
2022-08-05 John Benediktssonxmode.modes: update
2022-08-05 John Benediktssonxmode: update xmode.dtd
2022-08-05 John Benediktssoneditors.cudatext: support for CudaText editor.
2022-08-04 John Benediktssonxmode.modes: minor fixes for delegation to unknown...
2022-08-03 John Benediktssonxmode.modes: updating with recent xmode files
2022-08-02 John Benediktssonstack-checker.dependencies: import M\ anonymous-complem...
2022-08-02 Doug Colemaneditors.notepad: find notepad faster and fix compile...
2022-08-02 Doug Colemanstack-checker.errors: fix typo in summary.txt
2022-08-01 Doug Colemansequences: use index-of-last more places
2022-08-01 John Benediktssonui.gadgets.panes: relayout when changing label contents
2022-08-01 John Benediktssonui.gadgets.panes: fuse labels together with the same...
2022-08-01 John Benediktssoneditors.acme: fix help-lint
2022-08-01 John Benediktssontools.profiler.sampling: faster printing in the UI
2022-08-01 John Benediktssonui.gadgets: simplify unparent
2022-08-01 John Benediktssoneditors.bluefish: adding Bluefish editor support
2022-08-01 John Benediktssoneditors: allow them to be loaded in the load-all image
2022-08-01 John Benediktssonhelp.lint: remove check-nulls
2022-08-01 John Benediktssonhelp.lint.checks: remove null checks now that scaffold...