Split off windows specifics. Find path in registry first.
[factor.git] / basis / windows / privileges /
2022-01-20 Doug Colemanfactor: trim using lists
2022-01-17 John Benediktssonclasses.struct: moving to new/boa instead of <struct...
2019-04-23 Alexander Iljincontinuations[-docs]: add the finally word
2015-09-08 John BenediktssonFix comments to be ! not #!.
2011-09-08 Doug ColemanWindows bindings for security tokens
2011-08-27 Joe GroffMerge remote-tracking branch 'Blei/gtk-image-loader'
2011-08-27 John BenediktssonMerge remote-tracking branch 'malu/semantic-versioning'
2010-11-26 John BenediktssonMerge branches 'master' and 'cleanup' into cleanup
2010-09-26 Anton GorenkoMerge branch 'master' of git://factorcode.org/git/factor
2010-09-20 Doug ColemanSquashed commit of the following: