units.si: add four new si units
[factor.git] / build.sh
2022-02-12 Alex Maestasbuild.sh: install bash on freebsd
2022-01-21 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: download from https and print for full-report
2022-01-21 John Benediktssonbuild.sh adding spaces before ;;
2022-01-21 John Benediktssonbuild.sh: adding full-report to help
2022-01-21 John Benediktssonbuild.sh: add self-bootstrap to help
2022-01-11 John Benediktssonfixes for GitHub disabling unauthenticated git protocol
2021-12-30 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Don't copy the factor.image to factor.image...
2021-02-19 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: getconf LONG_BIT finds word size without...
2020-12-01 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Remove duplicate case for arm64.
2020-11-30 John Benediktssonbuild.sh: allow arch -x86_64 builds on Apple Silicon.
2020-11-26 Doug Colemanmakefile: Fix macosx target.
2020-11-25 Doug Colemanlinux-arm: Update build target.
2020-08-29 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Warn if boot image url is nonexistent when...
2020-08-29 Doug ColemanRevert "build.sh: Fix boot image download to current...
2020-08-27 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: recognize arm64 linux
2020-08-27 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Fix boot image download to current branch.
2020-07-03 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Fix update-boot-image help
2020-06-15 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Recognize arm64 ipad/appletv.
2020-06-10 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Add OS detection for Haiku.
2020-06-07 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Change WORD size detection to use preprocessor.
2020-05-18 John Benediktssonbuild.sh: make_boot_image can just use -run=bootstrap...
2020-05-16 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Add self-bootstrap option.
2020-05-16 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Only pull into current branch so we don't...
2020-03-31 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Only find the mingw compiler on Windows.
2020-03-30 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Support MINGW64 as 64bit Windows.
2020-03-30 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Only support 32/64bit word sizes.
2020-03-15 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Tab snuck into my commit...
2020-03-15 Doug Colemanfactor: Update all repos to point to github.com.
2019-12-10 nomennescioSupport for MinGW compiler. Need to instal MinGW compil...
2019-11-29 Rudi GrinbergRedirect when using curl
2019-03-09 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: add compile/recopile to docs
2019-03-09 Doug Colemandebian: Don't install gcc g++ on debian.
2019-02-23 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Remove debug..
2019-02-23 Doug Colemanvm: Fix DEBUG flag, make REPRODUCIBLE work like debug...
2019-02-09 Doug Colemanvm: Add freebsd32 support for completeness.
2019-02-09 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Add a compile option to compile only.
2019-02-08 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Use gmake on FreeBSD and specify the number...
2018-12-29 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Add the correct travis platform.
2018-12-29 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Add target for TravisCI Windows.
2018-08-21 Cat Stevensbuild.sh: final two local vars
2018-08-21 Cat Stevensbuild.sh: pacman: never use -S without -yu syncing
2018-08-21 Cat Stevensbuild.sh: more variables are local
2018-08-21 Cat Stevensbuild.sh: correctness / safety and fixups
2018-07-26 Benjamin Pollackbuild: allow any GCC version 2025/head
2018-07-05 Doug Colemancli.git: Better branch names maybe. 2009/head
2018-06-26 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Fix broken command.
2018-06-26 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Try using the branch's boot image or fallback...
2017-12-28 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: change apt-get to apt
2017-12-09 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Use the branch for downloading images, which...
2017-12-09 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Use the TRAVIS_CI variable if it's provided.
2017-12-09 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Print current branch for travis-ci
2017-09-02 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: Make build.sh branch-aware and fix tab->space
2017-06-29 Björn LindqvistBuild: let's remove the NO_UI variable
2017-02-21 thron7fixed variable name mismatch
2016-11-16 John Benediktssonbuild.sh: print DEBUG.
2016-03-30 Doug Colemanbuild.sh/build.cmd: support both latest and update
2016-03-16 Björn LindqvistBuild: fix makefile to work with new script path
2016-03-15 John Benediktssonmoving build-support/factor.(sh|cmd) to ./build.(sh...
2004-08-16 Slava Pestova proper makefile
2004-08-16 Slava Pestovi/o refactoring continues
2004-08-10 Slava Pestovfix bigtime gc bug
2004-08-06 Slava Pestovcomplex numbers in native factor, all of test suite...
2004-08-06 Slava PestovFactor jEdit plugin!
2004-08-06 Slava Pestovcomplex numbers
2004-08-05 Slava Pestovfirst cut at floats
2004-08-04 Slava Pestovworking on the test suite
2004-07-31 Slava Pestovsome progress towards self hosting
2004-07-29 Slava Pestovworking on native image output
2004-07-28 Slava Pestovremove -falign-functions=8 restriction
2004-07-22 Slava PestovCHAR: notation for literal chars, native parser work