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7 days ago John Benediktssonclasses.tuple: check slot value in set-slot-named ...
7 days ago John Benediktssonslots: adding check-slot-value
8 days ago John Benediktssonsequences: simplify <repetition>
8 days ago John Benediktssonmath.functions: merge integer-sqrt and integer-log...
8 days ago John Benediktssonsplitting: slightly faster linebreak? and docs
9 days ago John Benediktssonsplitting: implement universal linebreaks by splitting on:
9 days ago John Benediktssonio.files: adding check-file-exists
2023-09-12 John Benediktssonranges: add some docs for syntax words
2023-09-12 John Benediktssonranges: adding syntax words ..= and ..<
2023-09-11 Giftpflanzeassocs.extras: Move some often-used words to core
2023-09-09 John Benediktssonsequences: making supremum/infimum generic
2023-09-09 John Benediktssoncore: adding missing summary.txt
2023-09-09 John Benediktssonranges: test intersect on ratio and float
2023-09-09 John Benediktssonmath: make lcm work on real
2023-09-09 John Benediktssonmath: fix bug with ``0 0 lcm``
2023-09-09 John Benediktssonmath: define simple-gcd on real
2023-09-08 John Benediktssonranges: speed up M\ range members
2023-09-07 John Benediktssonranges: M\ range in? should use >forward-range<
2023-09-07 John Benediktssonranges: switch back to locals version
2023-09-07 John Benediktssonmath: adding docs for lcm
2023-09-07 John Benediktssonranges: switch from locals to a stack version.
2023-09-07 John Benediktssonmath.functions: move lcm to core/math
2023-09-07 Keldan ChapmanAdd set methods to ranges
2023-09-06 John BenediktssonRevert "Add set methods to ranges"
2023-09-06 Keldan ChapmanAdd set methods to ranges
2023-09-06 John Benediktssonkernel: docs example doesn't need prettyprint
2023-09-06 John Benediktssonkernel: fix help-lint warnings
2023-09-06 Marc Michaelkernel-docs: adds examples to the documentation of ?
2023-09-06 Marc Michaelkernel-docs: refines values and description for ?
2023-09-01 John Benediktssonio.pathnames: adding user-resource-path
2023-09-01 John Benediktssonio.files: using some of the new file-exists combinators
2023-09-01 John BenediktssonRevert "system: make exit have ( n -- ) stack effect"
2023-09-01 John Benediktssonio.files: document potential if-file-exists race condition
2023-09-01 John Benediktssonsystem: make exit have ( n -- ) stack effect
2023-08-31 Giftpflanzeslots: Fix non-idiomatic code example in docs
2023-08-31 Giftpflanzecombinators.extras: Add more documentation
2023-08-31 John Benediktssonio.files: adding if-file-exists, when-file-exists,...
2023-08-31 John Benediktssonio.encodings: rename some internal words to decode
2023-08-30 John Benediktssonkernel: fix help-lint
2023-08-30 Giftpflanzekernel: Fix ?when/?unless stack effects
2023-08-26 John Benediktssonwords: better error class for undefined-word
2023-08-25 Capitalwords: add unintern-word definition
2023-08-22 nomennescioMerge branch 'factor:master' into feature-vm-prepare...
2023-08-22 Giftpflanzeassocs: assoc-map-as does not map between assocs and...
2023-08-22 Giftpflanzekernel: Retire $complex-shuffle
2023-08-22 John Benediktssongeneric: fix help-lint for make-consult-quot
2023-08-21 Alex Maestasclean up docs
2023-08-21 Alex MaestasUpdate docs
2023-08-21 Alex Maestasshuffle even less
2023-08-21 Alex Maestasshuffle less
2023-08-21 Alex MaestasHave method combinations themselves make their consulta...
2023-08-21 GiftpflanzeReorganize cpu.arm, and other changes
2023-08-17 John BenediktssonRevert "parser: disallow quotation in word names"
2023-08-17 John Benediktssonvocabs: disallow quotation in vocab name
2023-08-17 John Benediktssonparser: disallow quotation in word names
2023-08-12 Alexander Ilinwords-docs: fix table formatting
2023-08-12 Doug Colemansequences: add link to none? and related-words it
2023-08-11 Alexander Ilinhash-sets: add intern
2023-07-30 Alexander Ilin*-docs: spell "co-ordinate" without the hyphen
2023-07-22 Rudi Grinbergrefactor: remove duplicate word
2023-07-20 Alexander IlinFix some English spelling: outputted -> output
2023-07-13 Doug Colemanparser: fix test and docs
2023-07-09 Doug Colemanparser: fix using for tests
2023-07-09 Doug Colemanparser: fix location word
2023-06-01 John Benediktssoncore/basis/extra: some [ dup ] dip => dupd cleanup
2023-05-31 John Benediktssonsequences: making head-to-index and index-to-tail private
2023-05-31 John Benediktssonio.files: simplify set-file-lines, set-file-contents.
2023-05-17 John Benediktssonvocabs.loader: unset main, fixes a refresh issue
2023-05-16 razetimestrings: correct article commas
2023-05-01 John Benediktssongeneralizations: fix test
2023-05-01 John Benediktssonmath: adding assert-positive and assert-negative
2023-04-14 Doug Colemandesctructors: add if-disposed
2023-04-06 John Benediktssonmemoize: change zero-input memoize to store { called...
2023-04-05 John Benediktssonmemoize: fix a few more zero input cases
2023-04-04 John Benediktssonmemoize: add another test case, only ( -- ) was broken
2023-04-04 John Benediktssonmemoize: fix memoization of no-arg words
2023-03-15 Raghu RMerge pull request #2774 from factor/w4-warnings
2023-03-15 Raghu Rvm: nmakefile \W4 warning related changes
2023-03-15 Doug Colemansequences: clarify some mutable vs resizeable notes...
2023-03-15 Dave CarltonFix example
2023-03-15 Dave CarltonMake reference to resizable more explict.
2023-03-13 Doug Colemandocs: fix spacing
2023-03-08 John Benediktssonhashtables.wrapped: fix help-lint
2023-03-08 John Benediktssonhashtables.wrapped: fix help-lint
2023-03-08 razetimehashtables.wrapped: add protocol documentation
2023-03-07 Giftpflanzelocals: Add newlines to :> syntax block
2023-03-05 Doug Colemangeneric.standard: need coffee
2023-03-05 Doug Colemangeneric: finish renaming order to dispatch-order
2023-03-02 Doug Colemangeneric: rename order to dispatch-order. nothing uses...
2023-02-28 Doug Colemanfactor: fix some whitespace
2023-02-27 Doug Colemanfactor: fix some docs/tests from recent merge
2023-02-26 Doug Colemankernel: add transmute and some use cases
2023-02-26 Doug Colemanvocabs: use ?unless
2023-02-26 Doug Colemankernel: fix ?if stack effect
2023-02-26 Doug Colemankernel: document ?if ?when ?unless
2023-02-26 Doug Colemanparser: fix bad refactor
2023-02-26 Doug Colemanfactor: whitespace only
2023-02-26 Doug Colemanshuffle: clean up some shuffles
2023-02-26 Doug Colemanassocs: move some -of words to extras
2023-02-26 Doug Colemankernel: use ?call