units.si: add four new si units
[factor.git] / core /
2022-11-12 razetimelocals-docs: clarify docs for mutable locals
2022-11-06 Raghu Radd bzip3 compression vocabulary
2022-10-31 razetimeclarify docs for case combinator
2022-10-11 Doug Colemansequences: inline `element/index` and `index/element`
2022-10-10 John Benediktssonsequences: fix when-empty stack effect.
2022-10-07 Doug Colemansequences: fix spacing for docs
2022-10-07 Doug Colemansequences: fix stack effect help for when-empty
2022-10-07 Alexander Ilinsequences: fix stack effect declarations for when-empty...
2022-09-16 Doug Colemankernel: fix using for tests
2022-09-16 Doug Colemankernel: move recusrive-hashcode to math and add test
2022-09-14 Dave CarltonAdd absolute-path to normalize any new root path. E...
2022-09-06 Doug Colemancore: trim using lists with lint.vocabs tool
2022-08-29 Doug Colemanmath: reorder the cleaned-up iteration combinators...
2022-08-21 John Benediktssonmemoize: fix prettyprint of multi argument memoize
2022-08-17 Doug Colemancore: subseq-index? -> subseq-of?
2022-08-17 Doug Colemansequences: length-operator-last is not good, remove it
2022-08-17 Doug Colemansequences: collect-from, remove sequence-operator-from...
2022-08-15 Doug Colemanfactor: add newlines to .factor files
2022-08-14 Doug Colemanranges: Fix sum of empty range.
2022-08-07 Doug Colemanassocs: refactor collect-by to use collect-by!
2022-08-02 John Benediktssoneffects: can't use (clone) due to read-only slots
2022-08-02 John Benediktssonclasses.algebra: fix complement predicate-def
2022-08-02 John Benediktssoneffects: short-circuit versions of a few words
2022-08-02 John Benediktssonclasses: define predicate-def for anonymous classes
2022-08-01 Doug Colemansequences: use index-of-last more places
2022-08-01 John Benediktssonnamespaces: remove unused with-variable-{on/off}
2022-08-01 John Benediktssonsequences: s/bounds-check-find/bounds-check-call/ and...
2022-08-01 John Benediktssonsystem: fix tests using
2022-07-31 Doug Colemansplitting: simpler split
2022-07-31 Doug ColemanRevert "splitting: simplify using locals/fry" refactor-core-july21 2637/head
2022-07-31 Doug Colemansequences: move defs higher
2022-07-31 Doug Colemansequences: add index-of-last
2022-07-31 Doug Colemansequences: add more docs
2022-07-31 Doug Colemancore: update docs for new words
2022-07-31 Doug Colemansequences: remove-of? words aren't as good as i had...
2022-07-31 Doug Colemansequences: docs, forgot a rename
2022-07-31 Doug Colemansequences: bound -> index-or-length
2022-07-31 Doug Colemansequences: rename subsequence? words to subseq? again.
2022-07-31 Doug Colemanfactor: refactor subseq-start
2022-07-31 Doug Colemankernel: Add withd
2022-07-31 Doug Colemancore: find-subseq -> subsequence-starts, find-subseq...
2022-07-31 Doug Colemanstrings.parser: short -> bound
2022-07-31 Doug ColemanRevert "core: find-last-integer -> find-last-integer...
2022-07-31 Doug Colemancore: find-last-integer -> find-last-integer-from for...
2022-07-31 Doug Colemansequences: fix e/i and i/e and remove maybe-nth with...
2022-07-31 Doug Colemanassocs: assoc-stack-from
2022-07-31 Doug Colemansequences: faster filter! and less bounds checking...
2022-07-31 Doug Colemansequences: redo find words
2022-07-31 Doug Colemanassocs: rename (assoc-stack) => search-assoc-stack
2022-07-31 Doug Colemansequences: remove comment
2022-07-31 Doug Colemancore: fix naming of sequence-index-operator
2022-07-31 Doug Colemancore: cramp -> bound (was short)
2022-07-31 Doug Colemancore: map-integers -> map-integers-as
2022-07-31 Doug Colemanfactor: alien.c-types:short -> cramp
2022-07-31 Doug Colemancore: (head) (tail) from-end -> from-tail. add cramp
2022-07-31 Doug Colemancore: add negate
2022-07-31 Doug Colemancore: fix stack effect and use new word
2022-07-31 Doug Colemancore: rename some words
2022-07-31 Doug Colemancore: Better names for (each) etc
2022-07-31 Doug Colemansequences: rename some helper words and subseq/member...
2022-07-31 John Benediktssonsplitting: simplify using locals/fry
2022-07-31 John Benediktssonslots: minor tweak to "accessors" article
2022-07-27 John Benediktssonstrings.parser: make internal escape words private
2022-07-26 John Benediktssonstrings.parser: fix bug with octal escape followed...
2022-07-26 John Benediktssonstrings.parser: support octal escapes of 1, 2, or 3...
2022-07-25 John Benediktssongeneralizations: remove repeat, to avoid confusion...
2022-06-22 Doug Colemangeneralizations: add generalizations for tuck/over...
2022-06-22 Doug Colemansyntax: Fix spaces
2022-06-21 John Benediktssonalien: remove note about 32-bit x86 and document mingw.
2022-06-21 John Benediktssonbyte-arrays: make docs more clear.
2022-06-19 Doug ColemanMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2022-06-19 Doug ColemanMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/html5-force-push'
2022-06-19 Doug ColemanMerge branch 'arm64-bootstrap2'
2022-06-19 Doug Colemanfry: slight cleanup of shufflers
2022-06-18 John Benediktssonsequences: adding a test for map-index change.
2022-06-18 Kacarottfix map-index always producing array
2022-06-17 Doug Colemangeneralizations: macro implementation of nrotates ...
2022-06-17 Doug Colemangeneralizations: Add nrotates and -nrotates.
2022-06-16 John Benediktssonassocs: adding ?value-at.
2022-03-18 John Benediktssonmath.parser: adding >dec alias to number>string
2022-02-15 John BenediktssonRevert "layouts: change max-array-capacity to most...
2022-02-15 John Benediktssonlayouts: change max-array-capacity to most-positive...
2022-02-15 John Benediktssonvocabs.parser: use left/right quotation marks in note
2022-02-13 John Benediktssongrowable: use integer>fixnum-strict
2022-02-04 John Benediktssonsyntax: fix docs for run-script.
2022-01-26 John Benediktssonsyntax: adding documentation for STARTUP-HOOK: and...
2022-01-26 John Benediktssonsyntax: adding INITIALIZE:
2022-01-26 John Benediktssonsequences: can't unslice each-index for now
2022-01-25 Benjamin Pollackassocs: rename assoc-combine/refine to assoc-union...
2022-01-25 John Benediktssonsequences: rename slow-each to map-each
2022-01-25 John BenediktssonRevert "Revert "sequences: unslicing in binary-reduce""
2022-01-25 John BenediktssonRevert "Revert "sequences: faster iteration over slices""
2022-01-25 John Benediktssoncore/basis/extra: using STARTUP-HOOK: and SHUTDOWN...
2022-01-25 John Benediktssonsyntax: change STARTUP-HOOK: and SHUTDOWN-HOOK:
2022-01-25 John Benediktssonsyntax: fix using
2022-01-25 John BenediktssonRevert "syntax-docs: Add init vocab"
2022-01-25 Doug Colemansyntax-docs: Add init vocab
2022-01-25 John Benediktssonsyntax: adding STARTUP-HOOK: and SHUTDOWN-HOOK:
2022-01-24 John Benediktssonparser: just fix these two tests instead for auto-use on
2022-01-23 Doug Colemansyntax: Add some more docs for syntax words.