units.si: add four new si units
[factor.git] / extra /
9 days ago Doug Colemanunits.si: add four new si units main master new-tutorial
2022-11-08 Alex Maestasadd extra:syntax.terse, for bitwise ops. Addresses...
2022-11-06 Raghu Radd bzip3 compression vocabulary
2022-11-01 John Benediktssonsequences.extras: fix docs $link to words
2022-10-31 razetimebzip3: remove syntax vocab, implicit import 2704/head
2022-10-31 razetimeuse missing vocabs in sequences.extras docs
2022-10-31 razetimebzip3: add unit tests, fix unit test problems
2022-10-31 razetimebzip3: add full docs, fix lint problems
2022-10-31 razetimebzip3.ffi: remove unnecessary words
2022-10-31 razetimefix bzip3 documentation issues
2022-10-30 razetimeadd bzip3 compression
2022-10-28 razetimeadd docs for sequences.extras (part 1)
2022-10-15 Doug Colemansemver: more restrictive semver parser for things like...
2022-10-07 Alexander Ilinmachine-learning.data-sets: fix a typo in the Linnerud...
2022-09-29 Alex MaestasPromote this to basis
2022-09-25 John Benediktssonhelp.html: only input.focus().
2022-09-25 John Benediktssonhelp.html: add null check
2022-09-25 John Benediktssonhelp.html: prevent firefox quick find using '/' key
2022-09-25 John Benediktssonhelp.html: implement "/" for making search box active.
2022-09-21 Alexander Ilincontributors: fix an alias in the list of contributors
2022-09-21 Ikko Ashiminefix typo in data-sets/linnerud.rst
2022-09-20 Alexander Ilintotp-docs: fix a typo
2022-09-18 John Benediktssonaudio.engine.test: cleanup using
2022-09-18 John Benediktssonbasis/extra: builder fixes for recent cleanups
2022-09-17 Rudi Grinbergfeature(redis): lua script words
2022-09-17 Doug Colemanalien.c-types: not necessary to import `short` differen...
2022-09-06 John Benediktssonlint.vocabs: fix help-lint for find-unused-in-file.
2022-09-06 Capital-ExAccount For Character Escapes
2022-09-06 Capital-ExUpdate String Regex
2022-09-06 Capital-ExFixed Regexp to Handle \" Properly
2022-09-06 Capital-ExMade RegExp More Specific
2022-09-06 Capital-ExAdd lint.vocabs to extra
2022-09-06 Doug Colemanfactor: trim some using lists
2022-08-26 John Benediktssonwebapps.help: whoops, fix using
2022-08-26 John Benediktssonwebapps.help: tokenize and collapse search terms
2022-08-25 Doug Colemansemver: fix semver-inc-patch, add some unit tests
2022-08-23 GiftpflanzeHarmonize spelling
2022-08-23 GiftpflanzeHarmonize spelling
2022-08-21 John Benediktssonwebapps.pastebin: better dark mode
2022-08-21 John Benediktssonsequences.extras: adding nth-index
2022-08-21 John Benediktssonwebapps: better style
2022-08-20 Doug Colemanassocs.extras: add intersect-keys-as and unit tests
2022-08-17 Doug Colemancore: subseq-index? -> subseq-of?
2022-08-17 Doug Colemanassocs.extras: deep-at -> deep-of
2022-08-16 Doug Colemansequences.extras: Add each-prior and map-prior
2022-08-15 Doug Colemanfactor: add newlines to .factor files
2022-08-15 Doug Colemansequences.extras: Make a <zip-index> for issue #745.
2022-08-11 Doug Colemanassocs.extras: fix usages of collect-key-by collect...
2022-08-11 Doug Colemanassocs.extras: refactor collect-by words
2022-08-10 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: only top/bottom margin to zero
2022-08-10 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: form margin zero.
2022-08-10 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: adding search bar
2022-08-09 John Benediktssonio.streams.ansi: faster by caching styles
2022-08-09 John Benediktssonio.streams.256color: faster by caching styles
2022-08-08 Doug Colemanlint: fix using
2022-08-08 Doug Colemansequences.extras: Add {2,3}nested-each/map combinators
2022-08-08 John Benediktssonwebsites: remove .page nav style
2022-08-08 Doug Colemanassocs.extras: Remove B
2022-08-08 Doug Colemanassocs.extras: add collect-assoc-by and friends
2022-08-08 Doug Colemansequences.extras: Add a couple words for prepending...
2022-08-08 Doug Colemanextra: use push-at-each
2022-08-08 John Benediktssonwebsites.factorcode: img#logo
2022-08-08 John Benediktssonwebsites.concatenative: dark logo
2022-08-08 Doug Colemanassocs.extras: Add collect-by-multi and push-at-each
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: bigger text area
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: simplify and fix table layouts
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: fix img
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: padding on footer
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: more style
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: more style
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonwebsites: better nav padding
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonhelp.html: improve nav
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonwebapps: padding
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: padding-left nav
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonwebsites: 10px padding on nav
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: adding wiki.js
2022-08-07 John Benediktssonwebapps: simplify navrow.
2022-08-06 John Benediktssoncombinators.extras: adding plox-if
2022-08-06 John Benediktssonsequences.extras: adding map-if
2022-08-06 John Benediktssonhashcash: improvements by Zoltán Kéri.
2022-08-06 Doug Colemanfftw: Remove blank line from tags.txt
2022-08-06 Doug Colemanpapier: Add papier as a demo (2009)
2022-08-06 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: style fixes
2022-08-06 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: forgot width change
2022-08-06 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: more css cleanup
2022-08-06 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: fix old navbar style
2022-08-06 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: better data uri
2022-08-06 John Benediktssonwebapps: embed hamburger in data uri
2022-08-05 John Benediktssonwebapps: using nav html element, cleanup
2022-08-05 John Benediktssonwebsites.concatenative: adding theme-color
2022-08-03 John Benediktssoncolors.contrast: implement WCAG color contrast ratio
2022-08-01 Doug Colemantools.dns.public: Add more dns servers and examples
2022-08-01 John Benediktssongamelib.demos.sokoban: removing unused resources
2022-08-01 John Benediktssonsokoban: removing in favor of newer gamelib.demos.sokoban
2022-08-01 John Benediktssonsokoban: removing music.wav, it's pretty but it's over...
2022-08-01 Doug Colemanmason.build: use absolute-path instead
2022-08-01 Doug ColemanRevert "mason.config: revert tilde for quick test"
2022-08-01 John Benediktssongopher.ui: don't require a protocol for gopher urls
2022-08-01 John Benediktssongemini.ui: don't require a protocol for gemini urls
2022-08-01 John Benediktssonsokoban: fix more tests