units.si: add four new si units
[factor.git] / misc /
2022-11-08 Alex Maestasadd extra:syntax.terse, for bitwise ops. Addresses...
2022-08-23 Giftpflanzemisc/vim/indent: Fix premature return
2022-08-23 GiftpflanzeAdd vim indent
2022-08-22 olus2000Added iskeyword command to the syntax definition
2022-08-22 olus2000Fix vocabulary swithcing commands
2022-08-17 Doug Colemancore: subseq-index? -> subseq-of?
2022-08-06 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update core syntax words
2022-08-01 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update for core refactor
2022-07-31 Doug ColemanRevert "core: find-last-integer -> find-last-integer...
2022-07-31 Doug Colemancore: find-last-integer -> find-last-integer-from for...
2022-07-27 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update core syntax words
2022-07-26 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: support octal escapes
2022-07-26 John Benediktssonmisc: adding octal escapes to syntax test
2022-07-26 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update syntax
2022-06-06 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update for recent syntax additions.
2022-01-26 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: fix syntax highlighting for help forms
2022-01-25 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update syntax
2022-01-25 Benjamin Pollackassocs: rename assoc-combine/refine to assoc-union...
2022-01-25 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: syntax highlighting for startup/shutdown...
2022-01-22 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update layouts syntax
2022-01-18 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update vim syntax
2022-01-14 Dusk Banksmisc/vim: Further improve `:FactorVocab` completion
2022-01-05 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update generated syntax.
2022-01-02 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: adding underscore number syntax support.
2022-01-02 Doug Colemanfuel/strange-syntax: Add underscore numbers
2022-01-02 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update vim syntax.
2022-01-01 John Benediktssoncolors: merge colors.constants and colors.hex.
2021-12-28 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update vim syntax.
2021-12-21 Doug Colemansyntax: Add REUSE: word to easily USE: but reload.
2021-12-20 Doug Colemanio.files: exists? -> file-exists? and rename primitive.
2021-12-20 Doug Colemancore: Change lines -> read-lines, contents -> read...
2021-06-02 timorfuel: Incorporate refresh-and-test-all
2021-05-06 timorfuel-autodoc.el: Fix typo
2021-03-23 Rudi GrinbergDo not use deprecated marker api
2021-03-23 Rudi GrinbergPass optional file arg to fule-mode-code-file
2021-03-23 Rudi Grinberguse cl-remove-if instead of remove-if
2021-03-23 Rudi GrinbergUse lexical scoping in all fuel sources
2021-03-23 John Benediktssonmisc: adding some strings to syntax test.
2021-03-23 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: fix "{ 1 2 3 }" and [[{ 1 2 3 }]].
2021-03-20 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update core words.
2021-03-19 John Benediktssonmisc: add more syntax to the syntax-test.factor.
2021-03-19 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: fix SYNTAX: highlighting.
2021-03-19 John Benediktssonmultiline: remove HEREDOC:
2021-03-11 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: rename factorStackEffect to factorEffect.
2021-03-11 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: add :> locals syntax.
2021-03-11 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: better definition/declaration highlighting.
2021-03-10 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: fix private string.
2021-03-10 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: more private fixes.
2021-03-10 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: fix <PRIVATE blocks.
2021-03-10 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: some cleanup and add more stuff.
2020-12-16 Benjamin Pollacksets: rename combine/refine to union-all/intersect-all
2020-12-12 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: generate syntax.
2020-12-11 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: generate syntax.
2020-12-07 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: generate syntax.
2020-12-07 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update syntax.
2020-11-30 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: parse string types.
2020-11-30 John Benediktssonmisc/atom: parse string types.
2020-10-15 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update generated syntax.
2020-10-13 John Benediktssonmisc: couple more examples for syntax-test.
2020-10-01 Duskmisc/vim: fix slot names & tuples.
2020-09-29 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: some minor fixes.
2020-09-28 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: remove TH{ syntax.
2020-08-17 John Benediktssonmisc: update vim syntax for ?change-at.
2020-08-14 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: highlight predicate classes.
2020-08-14 John Benediktssonmisc: more syntax tests.
2020-06-10 Duskvim/syntax: Even more fixups.
2020-06-08 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: change stack effects to not highlight when...
2020-06-08 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: fix NAN: highlighting, and private generic...
2020-06-08 John Benediktssonmisc: add private definitions to syntax-test file.
2020-06-08 John Benediktssonmisc/vim/syntax: fix private word highlights.
2020-06-08 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: dos2unix factor-docs.vim.
2020-06-08 John Benediktssoneditors.vim.generate-syntax: merge in factor.vim.fgen.
2020-06-07 Duskfixup! [misc] vim/syntax: Fixups
2020-06-07 Duskeditors.vim.generate-syntax: Match new generation
2020-06-07 Dusk[misc] vim/syntax: Fixups
2020-06-07 John Benediktssonmisc: adding a syntax-test file.
2020-06-07 John Benediktssonvim: missed a char in 0b fix.
2020-06-07 John Benediktssonvim: fix syntax highlighting of CHAR:, 0b, NAN:.
2020-06-07 Dusk[misc] vim/syntax: Overhaul syntax highlighting
2020-06-07 Dusk[misc] vim/syntax: Avoid extra group captures
2020-06-07 Dusk[misc] vim/syntax: Very magic patterns
2020-06-07 Dusk[misc] vim/syntax: Proper comment precedence
2020-06-07 Dusk[misc] vim: Hygenic text width highlights
2020-05-14 Silvio MayoloAdded imenu tags to factor-mode for Emacs
2019-12-14 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update syntax for cartesian-find.
2019-12-13 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update vim syntax keywords.
2019-06-11 timorFUEL: make `fuel-refactor-inline-word` work with hyphen...
2019-05-10 timorFUEL: don't jump to USING: section after updating
2018-06-20 Doug Colemancore: Add the shuffler words but without primitives.
2018-02-24 Björn LindqvistFUEL: this defcustom is unused
2018-02-14 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update syntax file for none? addition.
2018-02-07 Björn LindqvistFUEL: fuel-edit-word is kind of redundant
2018-02-07 Björn LindqvistFUEL: fix cmd syntax of call to fuel-scaffold-vocab
2018-02-07 Björn LindqvistFUEL: remove fuel-scaffold-developer-name
2018-02-07 Björn LindqvistFUEL: refactoring to eliminate the eval-result variable
2018-02-06 Björn LindqvistFUEL: a bunch of functions replaced with alist-get...
2018-02-06 Björn LindqvistFUEL: alist-get instead of (cdr (assoc key alist))
2018-02-01 Björn LindqvistFUEL: fix rendering of $synopsis markup.
2018-01-29 Björn LindqvistFUEL: improved fuel-get-uses
2018-01-24 Björn LindqvistFUEL: better font-locking of gl-related words