2 days ago John Benediktssonhelp.html: only input.focus(). main master
2 days ago John Benediktssonhelp.html: whoops, typo
2 days ago John Benediktssonhelp.html: add null check
2 days ago John Benediktssonhelp.html: prevent firefox quick find using '/' key
2 days ago John Benediktssonhelp.html: implement "/" for making search box active.
7 days ago Alexander Ilincontributors: fix an alias in the list of contributors
7 days ago Ikko Ashiminefix typo in data-sets/linnerud.rst
7 days ago Alexander Ilintotp-docs: fix a typo
7 days ago Alexander Ilingrouping-docs: remove a duplicate link
9 days ago John Benediktssonaudio.engine.test: cleanup using
9 days ago John Benediktssonbasis/extra: builder fixes for recent cleanups
10 days ago Doug Colemanalien.syntax: clarify that we can dispatch off ENUM...
10 days ago Rudi Grinbergfeature(redis): lua script words
10 days ago Doug Colemanalien.c-types: not necessary to import `short` differen...
10 days ago Doug Colemanalien: fix docs for FUNCTION: not using a ; anymore
11 days ago Doug Colemanvocabs.refresh: add a note about refesh-all after a...
11 days ago Doug Colemankernel: fix using for tests
11 days ago Doug Colemanstage1: i pushed to wrong branch
11 days ago Doug Colemankernel: move recusrive-hashcode to math and add test
11 days ago Doug Colemanarm64: 9999 BRK works again
12 days ago John Benediktssonmultiline: adding (( )) comments.
13 days ago John Benediktssonunicode: update to 15.0.0
13 days ago John Benediktssoneditors.aquamacs: use find-native-bundle.
13 days ago Dave CarltonAdd absolute-path to normalize any new root path. E...
2022-09-11 Doug Colemanbasis: use lint.vocabs tool to trim using lists
2022-09-08 Dave CarltonAdded aquamacs editor
2022-09-08 John Benediktssonui.gadgets.editors: tweak caret-style and fix docs
2022-09-08 Dave CarltonUse symbols for shapes
2022-09-08 Dave CarltonBlock caret code
2022-09-06 John Benediktssonlint.vocabs: fix help-lint for find-unused-in-file.
2022-09-06 Rudi Grinbergchore: fix nix shell on darwin
2022-09-06 Capital-ExAccount For Character Escapes
2022-09-06 Capital-ExUpdate String Regex
2022-09-06 Capital-ExFixed Regexp to Handle \" Properly
2022-09-06 Capital-ExMade RegExp More Specific
2022-09-06 Capital-ExAdd lint.vocabs to extra
2022-09-06 Doug Colemanfactor: trim some using lists
2022-09-06 Doug Colemancore: trim using lists with lint.vocabs tool
2022-08-29 Doug Colemanmath: reorder the cleaned-up iteration combinators...
2022-08-27 John Benediktssonformatting: fix strftime %U and %W
2022-08-26 John Benediktssonhelp.html: specify tabindex
2022-08-26 John Benediktssonwebapps.help: whoops, fix using
2022-08-26 John Benediktssonwebapps.help: tokenize and collapse search terms
2022-08-26 John Benediktssonhelp.html: making search box have first tab index
2022-08-25 Doug Colemansemver: fix semver-inc-patch, add some unit tests
2022-08-24 John Benediktssonlibc: adding memmove
2022-08-24 Alex MaestasPut brackets around ipv6 addresses in `inet6 present`
2022-08-23 GiftpflanzeHarmonize spelling
2022-08-23 GiftpflanzeHarmonize spelling
2022-08-23 Giftpflanzemisc/vim/indent: Fix premature return
2022-08-23 GiftpflanzeAdd vim indent
2022-08-22 olus2000Added iskeyword command to the syntax definition
2022-08-22 olus2000Fix vocabulary swithcing commands
2022-08-21 John Benediktssonwebapps.pastebin: better dark mode
2022-08-21 John Benediktssonmemoize: fix prettyprint of multi argument memoize
2022-08-21 John Benediktssonsequences.extras: adding nth-index
2022-08-21 John Benediktssonwebapps: better style
2022-08-20 Doug Colemanassocs.extras: add intersect-keys-as and unit tests
2022-08-18 Doug Colemanmath.statistics: fix typo
2022-08-18 Ikko Ashiminefix typo in heaps-docs.factor
2022-08-17 Doug Colemancore: subseq-index? -> subseq-of?
2022-08-17 Doug Colemanassocs.extras: deep-at -> deep-of
2022-08-17 Doug Colemansequences: length-operator-last is not good, remove it
2022-08-17 Doug Colemansequences: collect-from, remove sequence-operator-from...
2022-08-16 Doug Colemansequences.extras: Add each-prior and map-prior
2022-08-15 Doug Colemanfactor: add newlines to .factor files
2022-08-15 Doug Colemansequences.extras: Make a <zip-index> for issue #745.
2022-08-14 Doug Colemanranges: Fix sum of empty range.
2022-08-13 Doug Colemanmodels.search: Fix regression.
2022-08-12 Alex MaestasAdd Wombat theme, put it and Base16 theme in OS X menu
2022-08-12 John Benediktssonxmode.marker: adding a better matching paren finder
2022-08-12 John Benediktssonxmode.marker: ignore non-capturing groups
2022-08-11 Doug Colemanassocs.extras: fix usages of collect-key-by collect...
2022-08-11 Doug Colemanassocs.extras: refactor collect-by words
2022-08-10 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: only top/bottom margin to zero
2022-08-10 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: form margin zero.
2022-08-10 John Benediktssonwebapps.wiki: adding search bar
2022-08-10 John Benediktssonui.theme.switching.tools: switch breakpoint symbol
2022-08-10 Alex Maestasuse `check-instance` instead; reformat USING:`
2022-08-10 Alex MaestasInfer non-callables as though they're self-evaluating
2022-08-10 John Benediktssonxmode.marker: more correct faster update-match-group clean-windows-x86-64
2022-08-10 John BenediktssonRevert "xmode.marker: faster update-match-group"
2022-08-10 John Benediktssonregexp: don't use execute so the generated code is...
2022-08-09 John Benediktssonxmode.rules: removing test no longer needed
2022-08-09 John Benediktssonxmode.marker: faster update-match-group
2022-08-09 John Benediktssonio.streams.ansi: faster by caching styles
2022-08-09 John Benediktssonio.streams.256color: faster by caching styles
2022-08-09 John Benediktssonxmode: fix handling of HASH_CHAR and always rules
2022-08-09 John Benediktssonregexp: fix case-insensitive lookahead and lookbehind.
2022-08-09 John Benediktssonxmode.marker: caching match group regexps for performance
2022-08-09 Raghu Radd mention of run-file to scripting cookbook
2022-08-09 Doug Colemantools.scaffold: Support unit tests with more than one...
2022-08-08 Doug Colemanlint: fix using
2022-08-08 Doug Colemansequences.extras: Add {2,3}nested-each/map combinators
2022-08-08 John Benediktssontools.scaffold: don't use sequences.extras.
2022-08-08 John Benediktssonwebsites: remove .page nav style
2022-08-08 Doug Colemanassocs.extras: Remove B
2022-08-08 Doug Colemantools.scaffold: Add a word to scaffold tests.
2022-08-08 Doug Colemanassocs.extras: add collect-assoc-by and friends
2022-08-08 Doug Colemansequences.extras: Add a couple words for prepending...