11 days ago TheWitheredStrikermisc: Add new dict for multiline comments clean-windows-x86-64
2023-11-16 razetimekernel: clarify docs for while* clean-macosx-x86-64
2023-11-15 John Benediktssonvm: fixes for macos x86_64
2023-11-15 John Benediktssonvm: fix x86_64 compiles on aarch64
2023-11-15 John Benediktssonvm: change strategy for marking executable pages on...
2023-11-13 John Benediktssonclasses.prettyprinter: removing in favor of classes...
2023-11-13 Jean-Marc LugrinChange name of vocabulary review corrections
2023-11-13 Jean-Marc Lugrinadded vocab prettyprinter to classes in extra
2023-11-11 Capitalbasis/xmode: refactor to be deploy friendly.
2023-11-07 Capitalassocs: update docs and give example with hashtable
2023-11-05 Capitalfarkup: revent literal from being modified
2023-11-04 razetimecomboboxes: improve presentation
2023-11-04 razetimeui.pens.solid: add missing docs
2023-11-01 Evgenii PetrovAdd tests for weekday? and weekend?
2023-11-01 blincalendar: do not call day-of-week twice in weekday?
2023-11-01 John Benediktssonbit-sets: adjust M\ bit-set set-like to match capacity
2023-11-01 John Benediktssonui.theme: set field-border-color on light theme
2023-11-01 John Benediktssonbit-arrays: fix equal?
2023-10-30 Doug Colemanbackblaze: fun naming convention maybe
2023-10-30 Doug Colemanhttp.client.post-data: >post-data isn't private now...
2023-10-30 Doug Colemanoauth2: use set-header
2023-10-30 Doug Colemanhttp.client.post-data: make >post-data public
2023-10-30 Doug Colemanbackblaze: add initial vocab
2023-10-29 Doug Colemanjson: update old unit test for -0 => -0.0
2023-10-29 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: no need for $DELETE and $COPY. use user's...
2023-10-28 Raghu Rjson: add special case and test for "-0" case
2023-10-27 John Benediktssonunicode.collation: remove unused allkeys.txt
2023-10-27 John Benediktssongrouping.extras: simplify <n-groups>
2023-10-27 John Benediktssongrouping.extras: tweak some documentation for n-group
2023-10-26 John Benediktssonmemoize.syntax: adding IDENTITY-MEMO[
2023-10-26 John Benediktssonsplitting: faster split-lines using subseq-unsafe
2023-10-25 John Benediktssonregexp: use subseq-unsafe in a few places, more efficie...
2023-10-25 John Benediktssonranges: fix exclusive ranges for float, ratio, etc.
2023-10-25 John Benediktssonjson: adding "Copy JSON" UI operation
2023-10-25 John Benediktssonmodels.range: move the range words into the models...
2023-10-25 John Benediktssonui.clipboards: add some helper words
2023-10-25 John Benediktssontoml: handle "[,,,,,,]" array values
2023-10-24 Doug Colemanfixups: plox is ?call not ?transmute..oops
2023-10-24 Doug ColemanRevert "docs: corrected grammatical errors in README.md"
2023-10-24 Bhargav Shirin... changed typo boostrapping to bootstrapping (#2901)
2023-10-23 John Benediktssonui.gadgets.comboboxes: fix help-lint
2023-10-23 John Benediktssonmath.vectors: replace supremum
2023-10-23 John Benediktssonmath.vectors: rename vsupremum/vinfimum
2023-10-23 John Benediktssonsequences.extras: more supremum/infimum renames
2023-10-23 John Benediktssonsequences.extras: rename supremum-by*/infimum-by*
2023-10-23 John Benediktssonsequences: rename supremum-by/infinum-by
2023-10-23 John Benediktssonsequences: more use of minimum/maximum
2023-10-23 John Benediktssonsequences: change infimum/supremum to alias
2023-10-23 nomennescioRefactored (minimum) and (maximum)
2023-10-23 nomennescioOptimized minimum and maximum for element-repeats
2023-10-23 nomennescioAdded unit tests
2023-10-23 nomennescioBetter?
2023-10-23 nomennescioAdded unit tests
2023-10-23 nomennescioOptimized minimum and maximum for cycles and element...
2023-10-23 nomennescioOptimized minimum and maximum for circular
2023-10-23 nomennescioSpecialize minimum and maximum on repetition too.
2023-10-23 nomennescioGenerics minimum and maximum added.
2023-10-22 razetimeextra.7guis: counter benchmark
2023-10-21 razetimeui.gadgets.comboboxes: add docs
2023-10-21 razetimeui.gadget.comboboxes: correct on click behaviour
2023-10-21 razetimesyntax: "INITIALIZED-SYMBOL:" typo
2023-10-20 TryAngleFix: correct gl-function loading
2023-10-20 razetimecontributing: link revisions, patch clarifications
2023-10-20 Shruti SenUpdate CONTRIBUTING.md
2023-10-20 Shruti SenUpdate wipe-docs.factor
2023-10-20 SmoothieewastakenTypo fixed in wordlet.factor file
2023-10-19 Sandesh-PyakurelTypo fixed in wipe-docs.factor file
2023-10-19 Surav Shresthafix typo in basis/english/english-docs.factor
2023-10-18 Doug Colemaneditors.visual-studio-codium: fix bundle path
2023-10-18 Surav Shresthadocs: fix typo in basis/bootstrap/assembler/arm.64...
2023-10-18 Aditya Aryaman Dasdocs: corrected grammatical errors in README.md
2023-10-17 unknown changes in the readme.md file
2023-10-17 John BenediktssonRevert ".github: tweak windows help step"
2023-10-17 John BenediktssonRevert ".github: tweak again"
2023-10-17 John Benediktsson.github: tweak again
2023-10-16 John Benediktsson.github: tweak windows help step
2023-10-16 nomennescioShorter
2023-10-16 nomennescioAdded command to print information on disk boot image
2023-10-16 Ikko Eltociear... Fix typo in ffi.factor
2023-10-16 nomennescioSupport potentially ancient sed versions
2023-10-16 nomennescioFixed issue with collapsing branch names for pull requests
2023-10-13 John Benediktssonlexer: change new-lexer to take a string
2023-10-13 John Benediktssonclasses.predicate: fix dispatch
2023-10-13 John Benediktssonclasses.predicate: faster predicate-def for anonymous...
2023-10-13 CapitalMove changes from work/ to core/ and basis/
2023-10-13 John Benediktssonparser: fix docs for scan-word
2023-10-13 John Benediktssonglfw: adding glfw-yield
2023-10-13 nomennescioRefactor circular-slice, gb, step-slice using wrapped...
2023-10-13 nomennescioReformat
2023-10-13 nomennescioMake slice a wrapped-sequence
2023-10-13 nomennescioMake sequence-view a wrapped-sequence
2023-10-13 nomennescioAdd wrapped-sequence that require instances to have...
2023-10-13 nomennescioFixup test
2023-10-13 nomennescioRefactor repeating,snipped using sequence-view
2023-10-13 nomennescioMake sequence-view typed. Fixup tests.
2023-10-13 nomennescioReformat
2023-10-13 nomennescioReformat
2023-10-13 nomennescioRefactor reversed using sequence-view
2023-10-13 nomennescioRefactor columns, sequences.{extra, frozen, rotated...
2023-10-13 nomennescioRefactor circular using sequence-view