2023-10-05 razetimeenglish.docs: fix $keep-case usage main
2023-10-05 Doug Colemantoml: fix empty arrays.
2023-10-04 Doug Colemancodebase-analyzer: add some initial rust support
2023-10-04 Doug Colemantoml: fix bug with `a=[]` by moving parser around....
2023-10-02 Doug Colemanjson: add rewrite-json words and tests
2023-10-02 Doug Colemanassocs.extras: add key-of? which is swapped key?
2023-09-29 John Benediktssonsequences.extras: more efficient 1reduce without unclip
2023-09-28 John BenediktssonGNUmakefile: adding help
2023-09-26 John Benediktssonbuild.sh: support arm32
2023-09-26 Doug Colemanbuild.sh: fix bad refactor of update script, improve...
2023-09-25 Alex Maestasparse HINFO records
2023-09-21 John Benediktssongoogle.charts: check title/data before set-url-param
2023-09-21 John Benediktssonclasses.tuple: check slot value in set-slot-named ...
2023-09-21 John Benediktssonslots: adding check-slot-value
2023-09-21 John Benediktssontools.scaffold: change developer-name example to just...
2023-09-19 John Benediktssonsequences: simplify <repetition>
2023-09-19 John Benediktssoncbor: fix using
2023-09-19 John Benediktssonmath.functions: merge integer-sqrt and integer-log...
2023-09-19 John Benediktssonio.launcher: use process-contents in a few places
2023-09-19 John Benediktssonsplitting: slightly faster linebreak? and docs
2023-09-19 John Benediktssontools.disassembler.capstone: add some typedefs for...
2023-09-19 John Benediktssonsplitting: implement universal linebreaks by splitting on:
2023-09-19 John Benediktssontools.disassembler.capstone: add more cs_modes
2023-09-19 John Benediktssontools.disassembler.capstone: work with capstone 4 and...
2023-09-18 John Benediktssongml.core: use check-instance
2023-09-18 John Benediktssonmisc/vim: update vim syntax words
2023-09-18 John Benediktssonio.files: adding check-file-exists
2023-09-16 John Benediktssonraylib: fix help-lint
2023-09-16 Capital-EXFix help file
2023-09-16 CapitalMake help-lint stop complaining
2023-09-16 CapitalRemove rlgl's empty help file
2023-09-16 CapitalFinish documenting raylib
2023-09-16 Capitalraylib-doc: document every function
2023-09-16 Capitalraylib-docs: more docs
2023-09-16 Capitalraylib-docs: use table
2023-09-16 Capitalraylib-docs: document every enum...
2023-09-16 CapitalContinue documenting
2023-09-16 CapitalGenerate Raylib and RLGL docs
2023-09-16 John Benediktssonopengl.textures: fix help-lint
2023-09-16 Sebastian StroblAdd: OpenGL 4+ extensions and demos for them
2023-09-16 John Benediktssonpeg.search: fix tests
2023-09-13 John Benediktssonpeg.search: rename search/replace to peg-search/peg...
2023-09-12 John Benediktssontools.disassembler.capstone: remove accidental B
2023-09-12 John Benediktssonranges: add some docs for syntax words
2023-09-12 John Benediktssontools.disassembler.capstone: using \ cpu
2023-09-12 John Benediktssontools.disassembler.capstone: adding arm.32
2023-09-12 John Benediktssontools.disassembler.capstone: adding arm64
2023-09-12 John Benediktssonranges: adding syntax words ..= and ..<
2023-09-11 Giftpflanzeassocs.extras: Move some often-used words to core
2023-09-11 John Benediktssoncombinators.extras: in sequence-case use in? instead...
2023-09-11 John Benediktssoncombinators.extras: change sequence-case to not use...
2023-09-11 chunes3Add notes section about resizability
2023-09-11 chunes3Add documentation for sift!
2023-09-10 John Benediktssoncombinators.extras: another test
2023-09-10 John Benediktssoncombinators.extras: adding sequence-case
2023-09-10 John Benediktssonsequences.extras: another test case and make count...
2023-09-10 John Benediktssonsequences.extras: adding count=
2023-09-10 John Benediktssonfixups: adding math.trig to 0.100 fixups
2023-09-10 Capitalmath.trig: remove reference to this vocab
2023-09-10 Capitalmath.functions: fold math.trig into math.functions
2023-09-10 John Benediktssonsequences.product: performance improvements
2023-09-09 John Benediktssonsequences: making supremum/infimum generic
2023-09-09 John Benediktssoncore: adding missing summary.txt
2023-09-09 Capitalrlgl: fix up demo and covabs
2023-09-09 Capitalrlgl: add alias and ARRAY-SLOTS:
2023-09-09 Capitalrlgl: initial-bindings + demo
2023-09-09 Capitalraylib: update tags
2023-09-09 Capitalraylib: Audit bindings and update to 4.5
2023-09-09 John Benediktssonranges: test intersect on ratio and float
2023-09-09 John Benediktssonmath: make lcm work on real
2023-09-09 John Benediktssonmath: fix bug with ``0 0 lcm``
2023-09-09 John Benediktssonmath: define simple-gcd on real
2023-09-08 John Benediktssonranges: speed up M\ range members
2023-09-08 GiftpflanzeAdd project-euler.066
2023-09-08 Giftpflanzeunits.si: Add km^2, more aliases
2023-09-08 Giftpflanzeunits.imperial: Add area units, choose fingerbreadth...
2023-09-08 John Benediktssontools.walker: adding breakpoint-after
2023-09-08 Giftpflanzeproject-euler: Rewrap, update links, add copyrights...
2023-09-08 GiftpflanzeAdd project-euler.061
2023-09-07 John Benediktssonpdf.layout: don't need to >alist sort-keys
2023-09-07 John Benediktssonproject-euler.005: lcm
2023-09-07 John Benediktssonranges: M\ range in? should use >forward-range<
2023-09-07 John Benediktssonranges: switch back to locals version
2023-09-07 John Benediktssonbootstrap.image: move locals earlier
2023-09-07 Keldan ChapmanFix for local definitions
2023-09-07 John Benediktssonmath: adding docs for lcm
2023-09-07 John Benediktssonproject-euler.002: simplify euler002a
2023-09-07 John Benediktssonranges: switch from locals to a stack version.
2023-09-07 John Benediktssonmath.functions: move lcm to core/math
2023-09-07 Keldan ChapmanAdd set methods to ranges
2023-09-06 John BenediktssonRevert "Add set methods to ranges"
2023-09-06 Keldan ChapmanAdd set methods to ranges
2023-09-06 John BenediktssonREADME: minor fix
2023-09-06 John Benediktssonui.gadgets.comboboxes: use white-interior for theming
2023-09-06 John Benediktssonkernel: docs example doesn't need prettyprint
2023-09-06 John Benediktssonkernel: fix help-lint warnings
2023-09-06 Marc Michaelkernel-docs: adds examples to the documentation of ?
2023-09-06 Marc Michaelkernel-docs: refines values and description for ?
2023-09-03 John Benediktssonleb128: simplify write-leb128
2023-09-03 John Benediktssonleb128: faster default case, some simplification