units.si: add four new si units
[factor.git] / vm /
2022-06-20 John Benediktssonvm: remove debug printout in begin_callback
2022-06-19 Doug ColemanMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2022-06-19 Doug ColemanMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/html5-force-push'
2022-06-19 Doug ColemanMerge branch 'arm64-bootstrap2'
2022-06-17 Doug Colemanvm: rename arm file
2022-06-17 Doug Colemancpu-arm.64: flush_icache from compiler-rt
2022-06-17 Doug Colemanicache: something like this might flush the icache
2022-06-17 Doug Colemanarm: try to call begin_callback from asm
2022-02-15 John BenediktssonRevert "vm: set array_size_max to fixnum_max."
2022-02-15 John Benediktssonvm: set array_size_max to fixnum_max.
2022-02-13 Doug ColemanRevert "float_bits: cleaner way to cast between bits...
2022-02-13 Doug Colemanfloat_bits: cleaner way to cast between bits and float...
2022-02-10 John Benediktssonvm: os-macosx.mm don't changeCurrentDirectoryPath
2022-02-10 nomennescioRefactor VM (untyped) defines into (typed) enum
2022-02-07 nomennescioFix issue https://github.com/factor/factor/issues/2580
2022-01-21 John Benediktssonbootstrap: a few more paths
2022-01-12 Doug ColemanRevert "Revert "vm: Allow larger 32bit code heaps.""
2022-01-12 Doug Colemanvm: 64mb for codeheap is not enough for load-all. defau...
2022-01-09 John Benediktssonvm: macosx re-add the else/if block for symlinked execu...
2022-01-09 John Benediktssonvm: only set cwd when not on a terminal
2022-01-09 John Benediktssonvm: setting current directory when launching Factor.app
2021-12-18 Doug Colemanvm: Move Windows 32bit dlls to factorcode.org/dlls/32
2021-12-15 Doug Colemanvm: Fix C++ warning for comparing a signed to less...
2021-12-15 Doug Colemanvm: Silence more unused parameters warnings.
2021-12-11 Doug Colemanvm: Silence unused parameters warnings.
2021-05-07 Doug Colemanvm: Fix a warning found by -Wextra
2021-03-14 John BenediktssonRevert "vm: Allow larger 32bit code heaps."
2021-02-09 timorVM: fix comments for inline_cache_jit
2020-12-05 Doug Colemanvm: Move arm to arm64.
2020-12-03 Doug Colemanos-unix: Add MAP_JIT for apple arm64
2020-12-02 Doug Colemanvm: Cast cell to int for some C++ functions.
2020-12-02 Doug Colemanbignum.cpp: Fix size warning.
2020-12-02 Doug Colemanvm: Use size_t and off_t in a couple of places. Found...
2020-12-02 Doug Colemanmaster.hpp: Define FACTOR64 on arm64
2020-12-02 John Benediktssonvm: use EXC_ARM_FP_DZ on macosx-arm64.
2020-12-02 John Benediktssonvm: fix log2 for arm64.
2020-11-25 Doug Colemanlinux-arm: Update build target.
2020-11-24 Doug Colemanvm: Make macos almost compile.
2020-11-24 Doug Colemanvm: Add more arm files.
2020-11-24 Doug Colemanvm: Add a bunch of half-baked arm files. Also fix some...
2020-09-27 John Benediktssonbootstrap: rename layouts/layouts.factor to layouts...
2020-09-26 John Benediktssonvm: remove -console option, seems not necessary.
2020-08-14 John BenediktssonRevert "Revert "vm: Allow larger 32bit code heaps.""
2020-08-14 John Benediktssonvm: rename primitive_sampling_profiler to primitive_set...
2020-08-14 John Benediktssonvm: add some allocates memory comments.
2020-08-14 John Benediktssonvm: change some bools from cell to bool.
2020-08-14 John BenediktssonRevert "vm: Allow larger 32bit code heaps."
2020-04-13 Doug Colemanvm: Allow larger 32bit code heaps.
2020-04-07 John Benediktssonvm: lost a character somehow.
2020-04-07 John Benediktssonvm: quick fix for compilation warning.
2020-03-10 Doug Colemanvm/allot.hpp: Print more room info when allot() fails.
2020-03-07 Doug Colemanvm: Add AS_UTF and use it to print wchar_t in Windows...
2020-02-25 John Benediktssonvm: use FILE_READ_ATTRIBUTES to make exists? faster.
2020-01-24 kusumotonorioTests for System V AMD64 ABI (#2233)
2020-01-19 kusumotonorioput alien.factor, ffi_test.* back
2020-01-19 kusumotonorioAdd Callback Tests
2019-12-10 nomennescioSupport for MinGW compiler. Need to instal MinGW compil...
2019-05-22 Doug Colemanmacos32: Lock to 10.11 for build machine.
2019-04-07 Doug ColemanConfig.linux: Better check for g++.
2019-03-25 Doug ColemanConfig.linux: Better check for gcc.
2019-03-22 Doug Colemanmake: Allow overriding macosx sdk
2019-03-22 Doug Colemanmake: Use the MacOSX 10.13 SDK for x86 support.
2019-03-09 Doug Colemandebian: Don't install gcc g++ on debian.
2019-02-23 Doug Colemanvm: Fix DEBUG flag, make REPRODUCIBLE work like debug...
2019-02-20 Cat Stevensvm/hpp: optional reproducible VM compilation 2115/head
2019-02-09 Doug Colemanvm: Add freebsd32 support for completeness.
2019-02-09 Doug Colemanconfig.freebsd: Link the UI libraries into the Factor VM.
2019-02-08 Doug Colemanvm: Use the old FreeBSD os-freebsd.cpp so we don't...
2019-02-09 Jack LucasRe-add Freebsd Support
2018-07-28 Doug Colemanvm: Fix some really minor warnings.
2018-07-13 Doug Colemanvm: Fix unused variable warnings on Windows.
2018-07-13 Doug Colemancontexts.cpp: Don't warn on unused variables.
2018-06-04 Doug ColemanRevert "VM: removing the unused callstack-bounds primitive"
2018-05-04 John Benediktssonvm/mach_signal.cpp: didn't need mach_msg_return_t.
2018-03-22 John Benediktssonvm: fix COMPILE-TIME to use __DATE__ and __TIME__
2018-01-31 Cat Stevenscast fixes undefined behaviour; closes #1919 in upstream
2018-01-26 Björn LindqvistVM: init object_counter, silences valgrind #1886
2017-06-30 Björn LindqvistVM: removing init_globals(), calling init_mvm() instead
2017-06-26 Björn LindqvistVM: removing the annotations to please musl (#1836)
2017-06-24 Björn LindqvistVM: we can save the process by throwing a normal error...
2017-06-24 Björn LindqvistVM: merging the profiling_sample and profiling_sample_c...
2017-01-21 John Benediktssonvm: change -nosignals to -no-signals.
2016-12-14 Björn LindqvistVM: undo 7d9bad465ca447dc5b407044a6ce4f49c4f40686
2016-12-14 Björn LindqvistVM: this struct isn't used anymore
2016-11-30 Björn LindqvistVM: don't need the data_roots here
2016-11-23 Björn LindqvistVM: the unimplemented error isn't used anymore
2016-11-23 Björn LindqvistVM: storing some sample data in the heap (#337)
2016-11-23 Björn LindqvistVM: here, going through the data_root isn't needed
2016-11-23 Björn LindqvistVM: better to use a "normal" for-loop here
2016-11-23 Björn LindqvistVM: replacing the copy assignment operators of the...
2016-11-23 Björn LindqvistVM: removing factor_vm::init_contexts()
2016-11-23 Björn LindqvistVM: removing array_to_stack() from the factor_vm class
2016-11-21 Björn LindqvistVM: removing the unused callstack-bounds primitive
2016-11-21 Björn LindqvistVM: better init of stdin, stdout and stderr
2016-11-21 Björn LindqvistVM: ensuring all fields are initialized
2016-11-16 Björn LindqvistRevert "VM: cast to fixnum looks suspicious"
2016-11-15 Björn LindqvistVM: cast to fixnum looks suspicious
2016-11-15 Björn LindqvistVM: the else clause is not necessary
2016-11-15 Björn LindqvistVM: next_block_after can be removed
2016-11-11 Björn LindqvistRevert "VM: undo a8aaa4288231a2395070c5b0ea4c43939bf81c...